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Mold Remediation Protocols in Michigan

Located in Clawson and serving Metro Detroit


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Mold remediation protocols are written scopes of work specific to conditions present in a residiential house or commercial building. They are written for professional mold remediators to follow.

For mold affected residential houses and commercial buildings not exposed to public remediation protocols are written in cases of average or above complexity. Remediation protocols are always written for public buildings and schools.

A remediation protocol can be written only after a mold inspection and laboratory testing have been done. The cost of a remediation protocol is $350 and it is not included in the cost of the inspection and testing.

A home owner can ask for a remediation protocol even if their project is below average complexitiy and we will write it upon request for the above fee.

Service area: Metro Detroit, Oakland county, Macomb county, Wayne county, and surrounding areas.


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